Background of Shelbina, MO

Shelbina, Missouri, is a small town in the middle of America. With a population of just over 2000 people, it lets you enjoy the small-town atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of. Even better, it exists in close proximity to dozens of other cities, so residents are not entirely missing out on necessary amenities. Being a tiny community, it’s not surprising that most residents know each other by name. 

Ironic as it sounds, Shelbina might be small in area, yet it makes up for it with a warm ambiance, exciting events, and memorable attractions that never fail to captivate visitors and new residents alike. In this blog post, we will take a virtual tour around the city, learning about its history, culture, and landmarks from the perspective of people who live here!

Shelbina: The Early Days

Located near the heart of The Show-Me State, Shelbina is a unique town with plenty of unique stories to tell. Despite having only 717 households as of the 2010 census, this quaint area holds its own against bigger cities in the state.

It all started when St. Joseph Railroad and Hannibal were built, and it reached Shelby County in 1857. And as the tracks reached the southern section of the county, people from around the state quickly flocked to the new railroad town. The name Shelbina was born from a combination of Shelby and Vina, the daughter of a pioneering minister back then.

Incorporated in 1867, the town was initially led by a board of trustees. However, the system was abolished in 1878 and changed to leadership by a mayor along with four aldermen. One hundred sixty years later, one can say that the community has changed – just a little but all for the better.

Living in Shelbina

With only a small area and a modest aura surrounding the small town, Shelbina makes it easy to choose a place to settle down to. The ever-famous neighborhood around Shelbina Lake offers a great source of fun things to do and a life close to nature. Just drive along Highway 15 to reach the 76 campsites, with most of them featuring vast tent grounds. Enjoy a wide variety of activities from fishing, hiking, kayaking, and pathfindering. However, keep in mind that swimming in the lake is prohibited.

Regarding education, it’s safe to say you won’t be lagging behind in this humble town. True, it might not have the large archives and resources that you often find in major cities. However, Shelbina proudly boasts a public library with more than 30,000 volumes of knowledge that come in different forms. This educational establishment will serve you well, whether you prefer to read traditional books, watch video documentaries, or listen to audiotapes.

As for schools, the community has poured effort, tears, and sweat into erecting an institution where children can learn freely and wholesomely. The Shelbina School District features several public schools with over 500 students every year. Students get to utilize a peaceful study environment with a solid hands-on experience, thanks to the convenient 1:13 teacher-student ratio. There’s also plenty of amenities, such as a gym and several courts within these institutions.

Talking about housing, Shelbina is what anyone can consider highly affordable. The median home price for listings is only $92,903, according to Zillow. This is dramatically way cheaper than the country’s average of $269,039.

In light of this, bear in mind that the lifestyle and economy in Shelbina are pretty rural. The primary industry that runs the city is farming. Thanks to the rich soil and acclimate weather conditions, agriculture continues to be the main source of income for the residents. You’ll find acres of farmland growing crops such as corn, wheat, and barley. Livestock is also a big thing, with farmers taking pride in not using genetically modified means to produce quality meat.

An Advice Before You Move to Shelbina

Needless to say, Shelbina is a small town that often goes undetected on many people’s radars. But the residents often see it as a good thing. Many cities have changed for the worse as they underwent industrial development. However, this doesn’t mean that Shelbians do not welcome the idea of transplants moving into their city. It’s a beautiful place to live with plenty of things to do and sights to see – and they will gladly share this with everyone.

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